Thursday, April 28, 2011


Last night I went to Zack-Attack's house with the intentions of sitting around playing guitar and laying down some music. After about eh 30 minutes we got bored and he suggested movies! So we get in the truck and hit the road. We picked Insidious. Holy smokes that was a freaky movie!! We were sitting as far back from the screen as possible and squinting our eyes pretty much the whole time! It was hilarious how many times we jumped! And to make it ever crazier was that there were only 6 people, that includes us, in the entire theater. Then on the way home we head banged to some Metallica! Pretty good ending to a pretty good night! Oh and one more thing.... WE ARE NOT DATING! Zack and I are just absolute best friends. He knows everything,yes EVERYTHING, about me and it's ok. And vice versa. And for you guys who say you can't have an opposite gender best friend you are dead wrong! And we will prove that to you. There is nothing accept absolute best friend-ship between us! So there. See Ya!

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  1. Bradley and I were best friends and I said the same thing! So there! LOL